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Our Collection - Collections

We invite you to come and explore our collections at both museum locations.

View our VIRTUAL EXHIBITS IN PROGRESS, or some of our collection pictures on our Flikr account.


Our Archives

Our Archives - Collections

The creation of inventories for our Archives is an ongoing – Please take a look at our current Finding Aids.

Digital copies of Louisiana National Guard Publications such as "The Bulletin", LANG News", "The Peligram", "Louisiana Guardsman" and the "Pelican Dispatch" are found here.

If you do not see what you are looking for please contact Archives and Collections Manager, Beverly Boyko (504) 278-8024 or bev.a.boyko.nfg@mail.mil for additional information.

Jackson Barracks Museum Library Collections Use Policy

Our Library

Our Library - Collections

Whether it is for research or just reading pleasure, the Museum at Jackson Barracks has over 3,000 volumes for your perusing. Some books are available for loan by special request and all are made available in our reading room during normal operating hours.

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