At Camp Beauregard...
Some of the oldest artifacts at the Louisiana Maneuvers and Military Museum include an 1840s British Belt Plate, a Louisiana Colonel’s uniform, a cannon ball from the Civil War Red River Valley Campaign and the Battle Flag of the Madison Artillery. The Spanish-American War and Mexican Border War campaigns are represented by an officer’s saber, a campaign medal and the original sheet music of a march written for the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Louisiana Infantry or the 3-156 Infantry today. The World War I exhibit displays photographs of daily life at Camp Stafford – which later became Camp Beauregard - as well as artifacts from the 114th Engineer Battalion, 39th Division and photos of the 17th Division in training. The majority of our exhibits tell the story of the Louisiana Maneuvers – large-scale training operations carried out across Central Louisiana in the build-up for World War II. Items range from a railroad spike for the Claiborne-Polk Military Railroad to a shoeshine box carried by a local boy. Post cards and license plates exemplify the many camps and Army Airfields in the area at this time. Personal items such as V-Mail and sweetheart pillows are on display in our home front exhibit. Several Axis Forces artifacts are on display such as a German “Sturmgewehr,” a Japanese knee mortar and Japanese propaganda leaflets targeted toward American Soldiers. A burned battle flag flown from a Japanese warship in Hiroshima Harbor illustrates the tragedy and cost of war along with Concentration Camp money and charts used by the Nazis to label “Ubermenchen” and “Untermenchen” (Super human and sub Human races). The Korean War exhibit shows our first night fighting system the M3 Carbine with “Snooper Scope” attachment. We also have a PPSH-41 submachine that was carried by both the North Korean and Chinese Troops, an M40 Recoilless 106mm Rifle and a Chinese 82mm mortar. Don’t forget to visit our outdoor Vehicle Park where you will find Tanks, Anti-tank, Artillery, Engineer and wheeled vehicles!

At Jackson Barracks...
New Exhibit Opening November 2017 - Women of the Louisiana National Guard - featuring the story of women's contributions to the US military and the Louisiana Guard. Permanent exibits include the history of the Louisiana National Guard from colonial settlement in the early 18th century to current deployments across the globe. Organized by time period and major conflict you will find replica colonial soldiers uniforms and weapons, a British cannon used at the Battle of New Orleans and a 27-star national flag carried through the 1848 Mexican war. The Civil War exhibits display uniforms, equipment and artillery pieces as well as a rare, late-war letter penned by General Robert E. Lee. The deck gun of the USS New Orleans anchors our Spanish American war exhibit and a 1917 Cadillac staff car and rare Renault Tank are features of the World War I period displays. Our World War II area contains an early war Stuart Light Tank, a Norden Bombsight and actual walls from a WWII building surrounding by barrack’s furnishings and soldier’s personal items. To experience the life of a Louisiana Air Guard pilot you can sit in the cockpit of an F-4 Jet and view the armament it carried. Our latest exhibits feature The LA Guard’s service during Desert Storm in 1990-91, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t forget to visit our outdoor exhibits of planes, artillery and tanks as well!
And check out some of our VIRTUAL EXHIBITS IN PROGRESS, or a sample from our photo collection on our Flikr account.

Lewis Machine Gun

Lewis Machine Gun - Exhibits

Location: Louisiana Maneuvers and Military Museum
Alexandria, LA

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1902 Uniform

1902 Uniform - Exhibits

Location: Jackson Barracks Museum
New Orleans, LA

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Remembering Katrina

Remembering Katrina - Exhibits

Hurricane Katrina generated the largest combined National Guard natural- disaster response this country has ever conducted. The “Hurricane Katrina – Reflections of First Response” exhibit illustrates the Louisiana National Guard’s experience with this catastrophe on a personal level, through individual stories, collections of memories, photos, videos and objects.

“The exhibit reflects on the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina, the multi-state National Guard forces, other first responders and our community members,” said Capt. Heather Englehart, museum director. “‘Reflections of First Response’ hopes to illustrate this catastrophic hurricane on a personal level, through individual stories, collections of memories, photos, videos and objects.”

The museum is open to the public Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There is no cost for admission, however all exhibit production is funded through the generosity of our supporters and visitors so donations are welcomed and encouraged. For additional information contact Capt. Heather Englehart at (504) 278-8664.

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