Louisiana National Guard Publications

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The Louisiana National Guard Bulletin.
Issued monthly from the Adjutant General's Office 729 St. Charles Street, New Orleans, LA
1925 - February through August

LANG NEWS. By and About Louisiana Guardsmen
Issued monthly "For all Unit Bulletin Boards".

The Peligram
A bi-monthly unofficial publication of the 241st Public Affairs Detachment, Louisiana National Guard, under the provisions of AR 360-81.
1978 Peligram v1n1
1979 Peligram v2n1
1979 Peligram v2n2
1979 Peligram v2n3
1979 Peligram v2n4
1979 Peligram v2n5
1980 Peligram v3n1
1980 Peligram v3n3
1980 Peligram v3n4
1980 Peligram v3n5
1981 Peligram v4n1
1981 Peligramv4n2
1981 Peligramv4n3
1981 Peligramv5n3
1982 Peligram June
1982 Peligram November

Louisiana Guardsman
...an authorized publication for members of the Louisiana Army and Air National Guard... LANG-PAO, Jackson Barracks, New Orleans.
1985 LouisianaGuard v1n1
1985 LouisianaGuard v1n2
1985 LouisianaGuard v1n3
1985 LouisianaGuard v1n4
1985 LouisianaGuard v1n5
1985 LousianaGuard v1n6
1986 LousianaGuard v1n8feb
1986 LousianaGuard v1n8mar
1986 LousianaGuard v1n9
1986 LousianaGuard v1n10
1986 LousianaGuard v2n1
1986 LousianaGuard v2n2
1986 LousianaGuard v2n3
1987 LousianaGuard v2n9
1987 LousianaGuard v2n10
1987 LousianaGuard v2n11
1987 LousianaGuard v2n12
1988 LouisianaGuard v3n1
1988 LouisianaGuard v3n2
1988 LouisianaGuard v3n3
1989 LouisianaGuardsman v1n1
1989 LouisianaGuardsman v1n2
1989 LouisianaGuardsman v1n3
1989 LouisianaGuardsman v1n4
1989 LouisianaGuardsman v1n5
1989 LouisianaGuardsman v1n6
1989 LouisianaGuardsman NOLAedv4n1
1990 LouisianaGuardsman v2n1
1990 LouisianaGuardsman v2n2
1990 LouisianaGuardsman v2n3
1990 LouisianaGuardsman v2n4
1990 LouisianaGuardsman v2n5
1991LouisianaGuardsman v3n1
1991LouisianaGuardsman v3n2
1991LouisianaGuardsman v4n3
1991LouisianaGuardsman v4n4
1991LouisianaGuardsman v4n5
1992LouisianaGuardsman v5n1
1992LouisianaGuardsman v5n2
1992LouisianaGuardsman v5n3
1992LouisianaGuardsman v5n4
1992 LouisianaGuardsman v5n5
1992LouisianaGuardsman v5n6
1993LouisianaGuardsman v6n1
1994LouisianaGuardsman v7n2
1995LouisianaGuardsman v8n1
1996LouisianaGuardsman v9n4
1996LouisianaGuardsman v10n5
1997LouisianaGuardsman v10n2
1997LouisianaGuardsman v11n4
1998LouisianaGuardsman v11q1

Copies of the Louisiana Citizen Soldier (2000-2000) and the Pelican Dispatch (2008-2013) are available at the Jackson Barracks Museum Library.