Director – Heather Englehart

Director – Heather Englehart

Duty Description:

The Director of the Louisiana National Guard Museums is administrative in nature; responsible for the oversight of the history department and the museum staff. Sets vision, goals and deadlines for the department in addition to acting as the liaison between the museum and the board of directors.

LTC Heather Englehart holds two degrees from North Dakota State University, 2002 BA Architecture and 2002 BS­ Environmental Design with a minor in Visual Arts. She is the newest member to the Museum team but strives to lead from the front in creating a vision of a premier National Guard Museum that will set the bar. Heather is recognized as a combat artist and has work that remains part of the permanent collection at the Center of Military History. Heather has 18 years of service in the National Guard, progressing through the ranks from Private (E­1) through Sergeant (E­5) and finally into the Engineer Officer Corps. While being a transplant from South Dakota, Heather has supported Louisiana’s efforts during Operation Iraqi Freedom and many State­side emergency operations such as Hurricane Katrina. She has held positions as squad leader, platoon leader, Environmental Officer, Company Executive Officer, Battalion Plans Officer, Horizontal Engineer Company Commander and is currently the 139th RSG Operations Engineer Officer.

Curator 3 – Stan Amerski

Curator 3 – Stan Amerski - Museum Staff

Duty Description:

The Curator(s) role is all encompassing. She/he provides technical and professional assistance, design and fabrication development required to tell the story in each exhibit. Additional duties include acquisitioning and care for the museum collections.

Stan Amerski is a graduate of University of New Orleans, holding a 1998 BA Studio Art and a 2002 MA Arts Administration. Stan has worked in the museum related fields of conservation and curation for the past 12 years, a portion of which time was as an Intern at the Jackson Barracks Museum, while achieving his masters. This one individual has been a major driving force in bringing a revived “Post­ Katrina” Museum to fruition. Additionally he has installed exhibits in international museums. Prior to his museum career path, Stan spent 7 years enlisted in the Army from 1973-­1980, holding the positions of Engineer Section Leader moving through the ranks from Private (E­1) to Sergeant E­5.

Stan Currently serves on the board of the Army National Guard Museum Advisory Council and has been a board member since 2007.

Historian –­ Rhett Breerwood

Historian –­ Rhett Breerwood - Museum Staff

Duty Description:

The Historian collects researches and organizes information pertaining to Louisiana National Guard Units and the legacy of the organization in support of past and ongoing missions. Rhett Breerwood graduated from the University of New Orleans with undergraduate degrees in history and communications and a Master's Degree in Military History. Prior to coming to work as Louisiana National Guard’s Historian in 2010, Rhett worked for Louisiana’s State Military Department in support of Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts at Jackson Barracks. Rhett is an integral team member and an endless source of information.

Curator 2 – Richard Moran (CPT Retired)

Curator 2 – Richard Moran (CPT Retired) - Museum Staff

Duty Description:

The Curator(s) role is all encompassing. She/he provides technical and professional assistance, design and fabrication development required to tell the story in each exhibit. Additional duties include acquisitioning and care for the museum collections.

Retired Louisiana National Guard Captain Richard Moran is a 1992 Graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Modern European History, and two minors, Business Administration and English. Richard has been with the Louisiana National Guard museum system since 1999. In the past 13 years he has served as the Office Administrator, unofficial Military Historian for the Louisiana Military History Department and is currently the Curator for the Louisiana Maneuvers and Military Museum at Camp Beauregard Pineville. Richard retired from the National Guard in 2012 with over 23 years of service. He enlisted in 1989 and rose through the ranks from a Private (E­1) to Staff Sergeant (E­6) and through the Officer Corps to Captain (O­3). His roles included Vehicle Commander, Section Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Leader, Troop Executive Officer, Troop Commander, Squadron Assistant Operations Officer, Base Defense OIC, Squadron Supply Officer, and Unit Historian. He is a veteran of Desert Storm and deployed twice to Iraq in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Archives/Collections Manager – Beverly Boyko

Archives/Collections Manager – Beverly Boyko - Museum Staff

Duty Description:

Archives & Collections Manager: The Archives and Collections Manager catalogs, preserves, stores and makes accessible to the public – the objects, documents, photos, maps, books and electronic files that make up the Museum’s collection.

Bev is a graduate of the Universities of Winnipeg (Anthropology), Univerity of Victoria (Museum Studies) and the University of Tennessee Master of Library and Information Science Program. She has over 25 years of experience in archaeology and museum curation, and archival management. She has been essential to the establishment of museum programs and facilities at Fort Bragg for the Dept. of the Army and at Fort Pickett for the Virginia National Guard, in addition to reviving the Katrina affected archives and collections. Bev specializes in the preservation and accessibility of historical objects, books, documents, photos and digital information.

Museum Administrative Technician - Martha Arrington

Martha Arrington

The Museum Administrative Technician (Museum Operations) assists with administrative and operational tasks, artifact inventories, tours, preparation and maintenance, historical research requests and educational program development.

Martha Arrington has three degrees from the Louisiana State University System, BS Elementary Education, BS General Studies and AA General Studies. She also holds a MA Heritage Resources from Northwestern State University Louisiana which included an internship as an Archeology Technician with the United States Forest Service, Catahoula Ranger District. Martha’s graduate thesis project culminated in a museum exhibit depicting research of the cultural and geographical significance of the Louisiana Maneuvers on the local populace. Her professional experiences include elementary classroom educator and seventeen years’ experience with the Louisiana National Guard Office of Family Programs as a Family Assistance Specialist and volunteer positions including State Advisory Board member and Family Readiness Group Leader.

Museum Operations Specialist - Donna Mann

Donna Mann

Donna is a graduate of Millersville University of Pennsylvania where she earned a BA in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology. She also earned an MA in Historic preservation from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland where she concentrated on historic cemetery preservation, writing her graduate thesis on the preservation of the above-ground cemeteries here in New Orleans.

Before moving to New Orleans, she was the director/curator at the Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation where she was not only responsible for the preservation of over 10,000 medical artifacts and archival materials but was also instrumental in taking what was a collection of warehoused medical artifacts and creating a museum and exhibit space that is now open to the public.

In addition to her work here at the Louisiana National Guard Museums, she teaches Historic Preservation and Museum Studies as an adjunct instructor at Grand Canyon University.